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Crafted for Nature, Crafted for You

Organica Eco Soaps, a family-owned business rooted in environmental preservation and holistic well-being, creates handcrafted premium soaps in the San Francisco Bay Area using natural and organic ingredients to rejuvenate, hydrate, and improve skin elasticity. Adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), our meticulously designed shop ensures product safety and consistency, delivering high-quality, eco-friendly soaps from our family to yours.

Our Pioneers: Crafting Nature's Essence into Artisanal Skincare

Fulbio Parodi | Founder and CEO |

Fulbio Parodi is a former corporate finance executive deeply committed to environmental conservation. Driven by his passion for natural products and craftsmanship, he teamed up with Monica to develop a handcrafted line of soaps and cosmetics. His meticulous research, creativity, and commitment to quality have been pivotal in crafting our exceptional products.

Monica Varela | Founder and COO |

Monica Varela is a talented artist, animal lover, entrepreneur, and a Renaissance woman who found fulfillment in creating unique organic soaps. Alongside Fulbio, she has built a thriving business that offers artisanal and natural skincare solutions, cherished by customers who value environmental preservation.

Efrain Sandoval | Chief Marketing Advisor |

Efrain Sandoval brings over 20 years of experience as a creative and strategic marketing director, specializing in brand building, social media engagement, and campaign design and management. His expertise provides valuable insights in promoting and expanding our product line, ensuring we connect effectively with our target audience.

Crafting Sustainable Luxury for Your Skin: Elevate Your Routine with Organica Eco Soaps – Where Nature and Beauty Coexist Harmoniously.

Sunnyvale, CA, USA